Thursday 13 April

20:00-21:00, Theater Rotterdam - Grote Zaal

MOMO 2023

Alamo Race Track

2023 signed the return of Alamo Race Track! The band, lead by Ralph Mulder, presented a sparkling performance at ESNS with classics and new tracks! The band is now ready to publish their fifth album later this year, but first the quartet will celebrate the re-issue of their cult record Black Cat John Brown with four special shows, the first one will be at MOMO Festival 2023! 

Black Cat John Brown first appeared in 2006. The title track went viral via YouTube at the time, thanks to a video recording of a dressing room session in the Utrecht Tivoli during the second lustrum party of Excelsior Recordings.

At the time, 3voor12 reviewed the record saying “Alamo Race Track is unique. Anyone who drops off Black Cat John Brown after 45 minutes has heard a lot. Lots of style references, but the CD is not some kind of pop quiz. Ralph Mulder’s voice is the soothing red thread that runs through the songs like a monotonous -as in: good! The sound of the twelve tracks also has a soothing effect, like a clock on a swinging chain.”

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