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MOMO Fabrique 2022

Aïda Gabriëls

24 april 2021

The biblical figure Salomé has been running the imaginations of male artists for centuries. The seductive princess has inspired countless painters and poets, and Oscar Wilde wrote a now world-famous play about her irresistible dance of the seven veils.

But what is left of Salomé when you strip her of that horny, masculine look? In the interdisciplinary opera Dance of the Seven Veils, the Flemish director Aïda Gabriëls strips the princess of the stereotypes and clichés that have haunted her for hundreds of years. What seems? Behind the veils of Salomé hides so much more than just a femme fatale.

Aïda Gabriel’s talent for mixing music, fashion, dance and visual art to create a cross-media spectacle is also reflected in this performance. Among others, soprano Astrid Stockman, dancer German Jauregui and sculptor Rui Barros contributed to it. In addition, Colin H. van Eeckhout, frontman of post-metal band Amenra, will play a leading role, one of the absolute highlights of MOMO 2018.

“For the first time in my life I got the definition of the word breathtaking,” said MOMO director Harry Hamelink about Amenra’s performance. “Afterwards I turned and there was a lady literally gasping for breath.”

Dance of the Seven Veils will premiere during Festival O., but during MOMO Create & Perform you will already get a look behind the scenes: from the location visits to the rehearsals. An exclusive tip of the veil.

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