Friday 14 April

21:45 - 22:30, WORM

MOMO 2023

Acid Klaus

“The Acid Klaus live collective experience is not dissimilar to taking ecstasy. You will feel love, you will feel euphoria, you will feel the crashing lows of your own insatiable lust for a good time! But don’t let that put you off!”  

Step on Acid Klaus’  travelator that takes you on an inventive, playful and bold journey at MOMO Festival!
Adrian Flanagan has spent two decades working on the fringes of alternative music as a songwriter, wordsmith, musician, producer, remixer, DJ and cultural agitator – working with artists as diverse as Maxine Peake, Yoko Ono, The Human League’s Philip Oakey, Fat White Family, Sean Lennon and many more. Adrian returns with his debut album under the Acid Klaus moniker, Step On My Travelator: The Imagined Career Trajectory of Superstar DJ & Dance-Pop Producer, Melvin Harris.

The album is a conceptual electronic dance pop record that marks the career trajectory of a fictional DJ & dance music producer: from his early years of performing at free festivals and raves – to having a dance pop crossover single go global – to the excess & hedonism & vampires of clubland culture – to the wheels falling off completely and the longing to retreat in to anonymity.

“Permanently in a hat and dark sunglasses, his stage presence became equal parts agitator and entertainer; a kind of working men’s club turn who is as interested in synths and chaos as telling antiquated blue jokes. As all musical personas often are, it became something of a front to mask the things many of us struggle with: trauma, insecurity, over-sensitivity. And even though ego and swagger, and all the things that come with being a meticulously crafted music figure, are still alive and present with Flanagan on stage and in conversation, he’s decided to open up a little more today.” FROM INTERVIEW WITH “LOUD AND QUIET”

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