MOMO Festival 2020

    A través de la luz

    Una ópera flamenca

    A world première during MOMO Festival 2020: the unique musical spectacle ‘A través de la luz – una ópera flamenca’.

    The Spanish show is exclusively performed in The Netherlands on Friday 17 April at Theater Rotterdam and is part of the 20th edition of MOMO. ✨

    ‘A través de la Luz. An electronic flamenco opera’ is a musical show created and produced by Fernando Vacas and performed by Vallellano & The Royal Gypsy Orchestra.

    Soundtracks created by Rosalía and members of Sonic Youth, performed live by the best musicians on which flamenco dancers translate the emotion and passion into the scenes. [read on below the video]

    In 2009, Vacas introduces a union between alternative sounds and classic flamenco when he brings together Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) and distinguished flamenco musicians Raimundo Amador, El Panky and Lin Cortés for the widely acclaimed album ‘Alegrías’ by Howe Gelb and A Band of Gypsies. Ten years later, based on the concept of olden “flamenco opera”, ‘A través de la luz’ builds on the sounds of ‘Alegrías’ and puts together tradition and avant-garde while fusing flamenco, rock and contemporary

    In this spectacle, Vacas changes flamenco’s essential concepts and takes them to a new place yet to be explored where one can intuit references like Einstürzende Neubauten, Lorca, the French Surrealists, Val del Omar, Julio Romero de Torres and David Lynch. The result for the viewer is a unique and exciting experience within the scenic arts scene.

    There are three movements, preceded by an overture, which constitute this opera based on a real, tragic event. Taking the story to the next level, the fear of death, the sound of emptiness and the existence of a saving light are the true protagonists.

    Part of The Royal Gypsy Orchestra are dancer Amador Rojas, singer Lucía Leiva, Dutch flamenco guitarist Joes Wieggers, violinist Eles Bellido, percussionist Hermogenes Santiago, Alberto Torres with sound samples, María de Medeiros, who gives life to the voice of the main character, and Vacas himself -Vallellano- as a multi-instrumentalist and musical director. The lighting design is installed by Pedro Serrano, the stage direction is led by Carlos Alonso Callero, the choreography is by Javier Latorre.

    The project is accompanied by a studio album with collaborations by Rosalía, Steve Shelley and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Howe Gelb and the gypsies of his album ‘Alegrías’ (Juan F. Panky and Lin Cortés), Niño de Elche, Naike Ponce, Remedios Amaya, Amparo Velasco “La Negra”, Javier Latorre and Jorge Pardo.

    The Cordovan designer Alejandro Gómez Palomo, better known as Palomo Spain, is in charge of the costumes for ‘A través de la Luz. An electronic flamenco opera’.

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