Guided Tours at MOMO Festival 2023

During MOMO Festival 2023, Motel Mozaïque presents guided tours that let you discover the fringes of Rotterdam. Go on adventures with the MOMO Guides that let you discover the city in a different way and discover the special, crazy and hidden places of the Maasstad.

In collaboration with passionate locals who know Rotterdam like the back of their hand, the guided tours complete MOMO Festival. Let yourself be guided through the city and see through a different pair of eyes.

Would you like to learn more about gentrification in Rotterdam, go on a trip with the wild pruner, hear about the mythology of the city, experience an urban wild harvesting walk or find out more about how hospitable Rotterdam’s public space really is? The tour guides will tell you all about it!

Whether you only live in Rotterdam during MOMO, or for years, explore the guided tours of MOMO Festival 2023 and choose how you want to be surprised!

Click on the images for more info about the tours and to reserve a spot!