Creation Never Stops

Create & Perform

This year MOMO will focus on creating, because creation never stops. Unfortunately, performing did for the time being. To ensure that musicians and creators can always continue to create, we offer space for artists from all disciplines to create new work in the coming months.

And we will show you this creation process extensively through our online channels, because there is also a tremendous beauty in the pre-performance stage. The performances can be admired online via an unforgettable stream in April.The program of MOMO Create & Perform includes insights into the creation process, with brainstorms, rehearsals, unique works specially made for MOMO and online premieres.

Join us for MOMO Create & Perform, our online festival that will be broadcast on April 23 and 24. With Eefje de Visser X Nick Verstand, Black Country, New Road, Meskerem Mees with Spinvis, Prairie WWWW, Lisette Ma-Neza, Anne-Fay and Aïda Gabriëls with Amenra frontman Colin H. van Eeckhout ao.

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Highlight: Eefje de Visser X Nick Verstand

MOMO presents a special project with singer Eefje de Visser and contemporary artist Nick Verstand in Rotterdam. They will create and show an audiovisual work, at the intersection of live performance and modern art. This special collaboration is part of MOMO Create & Perform, a new program from Motel Mozaique. The audiovisual pop concert will be realized and performed at AVL Mundo, the workspace of artist Joep van Lieshout in the Rotterdam harbour area.