MOMO Create & Perform

With MOMO Create & Perform Motel Mozaique throws an intimate spotlight on how the passing, unseen moments lead incrementally to the public performance we all see: the brain storming, the motivations, the sources of inspiration, the way the songs or scenes take shape. International musicians, creators and artists are part of MOMO Create & Perform and show us that creation never stops!

With Eefje de Visser X Nick Verstand (a part of it for now), Black Country, New Road, Lisette Ma Neza, Meskerem Mees & Spinvis, Bear Valour, Gino-Cochise, Anne-Fay, Prairie WWWW, Mathieu Wijdeven, Szu-Yi Wang, Aïda Gabriëls and Parfum de BoemBoem.