Gert-Jan and Eveline

Every year, MOMO Festival brings you new encounters, and not only exciting music, art and performance: MOMO is the best place to meet new friends and find love! Our ambassadors Gert-Jan and Eveline met at our festival and have been visiting us ever since.

The first meeting
Recalling their first meeting Gert-Jan told us him and Eveline “were introduced to each other through friends at the MOMO Festival in 2010. That evening we went to see a then new and upcoming band called Mumford & Sons in the Schouwburg. After the concert it was very crowded in the hall and on the way to the exit I said to her ‘just hold my hand’ and from that moment on I never let go of her hand. Since that moment we have visited the MOMO Festival together every year. Part of this memory is one song the band played that ended up being special to us is Little Lion Man, we also played it several times at our wedding.”

After thirteen years, every April the spark of their love keeps lighting up our venues. “Eveline and I are most looking forward to the first festival of the year being MOMO Festival. Every year we run into many acquaintances, also because it is in our own city. What we also look forward to is that MOMO has beautiful locations every year where you can hop from place to place. But also a nice concert at a great location such as a church, a bit of wandering around the city and then ending up at a party in Theater Rotterdam.”

What MOMO means to us is love and connection. But, we also really enjoy the feeling of going to a festival in our own city. And for me, Eveline and I meeting always connected to MOMO.

Gert-Jan and Eveline. Shot by Ashley Röttjers.
Gert-Jan and Eveline. Shot by Ashley Röttjers.

Set Design: Elsemarijn Bruys
Photography: Ashley Röttjers
Video: Studio Nul