Community Ambassador: Hugo De Man

“The main feeling of MOMO is just to be yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how you look like or what you do. It’s like a festival where everyone can be themselves. And that has really inspired me for the future. I also work in the music industry, and I always see negativity and like the big men’s growing their stages. Motel Mozaique is really like an inclusive festival for everyone. Yeah, that really motivates to be there!”

During the festival last year, Hugo enjoyed especially his interactions with Zwangere Guy, from the Belgium rapper collective STIKSTOF, having to interact with him for accreditations, joining the mosh pit during their show, and give tips for activities to do in Rotterdam afterwards.

“A second memory is about S10: she got sick the same day she was supposed to perform  and everyone was just stressing their ass off to fill something in the bug hall of Theater Rotterdam. So it was nice witnessing how the program team managed to book another headliner in a couple of hours”

Now that he can finally attend the whole festival without responsibilities, Hugo is really looking forward to see Black Country, New Road: “ they were already on my top list for like a few years ago and I see that they will be performing three shows, so that’s amazing! I have a really big list: Socks;SportsSocks, Big Thief. I look forward to seeing Naaz, I saw her once a few years ago when she was a really small artist, now she has really blown. Like the Black Metal band Terzij de Horde. I really liked that and I really liked that Kleine Crack is coming to the festival: he’s called ‘small” but makes very explosive music’

Hugo De Man. Shot by Ashley Röttjers
Hugo De Man. Shot by Ashley Röttjers

Set Design: Elsemarijn Bruys
Photography: Ashley Röttjers
Video: Studio Nul