Elia Vitadamo

Elia Vitadamo is the Company Manager and Creative Producer of Amenti Theatre Company. Thinking about her connection to MOMO Festival she recalled the first collaboration with Amenti in 2018, when Gil The Grid and Wesley Rommy presented the duo performance Anima
“It was a sort of pop up performance next to WORM. It felt almost intimate, even though it was outside, I think also because the show was about such a vulnerable topic, a lot of people stopped and came to watch. At that moment I fell in love with MOMO!”. 

MOMO x Amenti
On that occasion Elia and Gil The Grid talked a lot with Harry Hamelink (founder of Motel Mozaïque) and immediately discovered a genuine connection and synergy, having conversations about their artistic vision but also in how they approach life and art.“Through the years we worked a lot with MOMO and what makes me always want to come back is the people who work at MOMO, because I always feel respected and understood also in the creative process and in the way artists work. I feel like, organisation wise, MOMO picks people who try to get into the artists’ skin and have good empathy. I value that a lot!”

Wonder of movement
Reflecting on the campaign of MOMO Festival 2023, “Makes You Wonder”, Elia claims to be a natural wonderer! “I think about how we construct ourselves growing up and how we become the people we are, the personalities and the characters. That is something that makes me wonder every day, I almost like just observing people in their behaviours, their mannerisms and the way their conditions connect to the way they carry themselves through life, also bodily wise. And I think that reflects back on our work, because, besides the fact that we use the body a lot in our work, we are very much involved in making it more conscious. And it actually started with wondering: why are we the way we are? That’s how Gil developed the MoveMeant method, which is the foundation of everything we do. Because we want to be more aware of why we do things and these underlying themes and questions are in everything that we do.“

Amenti will perform on the opening night of MOMO Festival. Read more about it here.

Elia Vitadamo (Amenti Theatre Company). Shot by Ashley Röttjers.
Elia Vitadamo (Amenti Theatre Company). Shot by Ashley Röttjers.

Set Design: Elsemarijn Bruys
Photography: Ashley Röttjers
Video: Studio Nul