Community Ambassador: Didi

Didi Kreike is a multidisciplinary creative and performer who has been active in theatre and television for the past years and recently launched the new project R3LN4CHT. He’s been involved with MOMO in more occasions and he told us about his first experience as a visitor during last April.

“One of my most valuable memories is that I came from a performance at Theater Rotterdam, in the Kleine Zaal and then there was a very intense ‘gabber party’ going on in the Foyer with very loud music, after which I rejoined a mini concert. The shock I felt from the first performance and then dancing wildly with everyone afterwards made it a very nice experience.”

As an artist, for Didi the festival means making a connection with the city. “As a theatre maker I tour a lot but I’ve never really shown anything of myself in Rotterdam. MOMO is an impressive platform with many possibilities. There are many meet-cute’s with the public, which are gifted to you as a maker.”

About the importance of wonder and surprises
“What I think is important is to make work in which a viewer is actively involved. I like an intelligent audience that wants to participate. That is why I also try to put disciplines together that may not fit very well, but because they can be moved through, they can still be given meaning. I am often surprised that people want to be actively involved in a performance or installation and actually make the space for it. That is why people can walk around freely at my performances.”

Didi Kreike. Shot by Ashley Röttjers.
Didi Kreike. Shot by Ashley Röttjers.
Didi Kreike. Shot by Ashley Röttjers.

Set Design: Elsemarijn Bruys
Photography: Ashley Röttjers
Video: Studio Nul