Community Ambassador: Anne-Fay

We recently announced a line-up for MOMO Festival 2023 and that includes a special project by an artist who collaborated with us many times: Anne-Fay’s Reaspora.
Over the past years MOMO followed the artist’s trajectory in search for her ancestry: Anne-Fay and her brother and filmmaker Felix travelled along three continents to follow their family diaspora in the opposite direction. From the Netherlands through Aruba and Curaçao to Suriname, China and Ghana, they searched for the stories of their ancestors. They met their relatives, visited special places and made music with local producers. The music was compiled into the album ‘Reaspora’.

Together with her brother, she built an impressive live performance for this album where you will see the visuals they shot during their journey as the silent witnesses to an emotional family history.

Talking about her connection with MOMO, Anne-Fay mentions the “space that MOMO gives”.
“My best memory is the preliminary research of my Reaspora project that I did at MOMO. That period I was doing little gigs all over the city. For example, I did a gig on the Witte de Withstraat, in a hair shop on the Kruiskade and in a retirement home on the West-Kruiskade. That was so cool! MOMO offers the opportunity to try things out, so I’ve been given the space to do my preliminary research. There is always such a good vibe in the city as MOMO is, and to be fair, I only have good memories.”

MOMO Makes You Wonder
“The artists in general and artists featured on MOMO are my inspiration. I get inspired by them because they make me look at things in a different way. That’s the beauty of art, it brings you into contact with new things and offers a different perspective that you might not have come up with yourself.”

“What the festival means to me is discovering and finding new insights forever. MOMO is a pillar in developing my work as an artist. It’s also a place of inspiration for me from being surrounded by other artists. MOMO is experimental and daring and that’s very cool.”

Read more about Anne-Fay’s Reaspora here!

Anne-Fay. Shot by Ashley Röttjers

Set Design: Elsemarijn Bruys
Photography: Ashley Röttjers
Video: Studio Nul