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Music. Performance.
Art. Tours.
Sleep-in. Street.

MOMO Festival brings you exciting (new) artists in performance and art, but most of all a shitload of music!

Three days, all dedicated to new encounters. Some more awkward than others. We’ll take you on a road to self-discovery. Your favorite music, art, interesting performances and street art. We dare you to get to know yourself, by doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Discover the beauty of opposites, the unknown.

Motel Mozaïque’s line-up is bursting with both new talent, and some more renowned names. We constantly aim for fruitful collaborations between music and performance. Clashes that lead to a long-term memory and partnership.

No limits, Rotterdam is our playground

We want you to get to know our city. See through the façade: Rotterdam might seem tough to love, but once you discovered the way to her heart, you’ll never want to leave. Our venues are scattered around town with a line-up that is all about discovering new places. To get to know Rotterdam a little better, we’ve organized different guided tours that lead you through the city.

Guided Tours: April 14 and 15, 2023. Free, sign up in advance (March 2023) or go to the guided tours desk at Schouwburgplein during the festival.

Know what to expect, just because you don’t know what to expect.

We promise you that it’s a good thing. Our visitors always compliment us on making the most various choices in our line-up. A striking amount of people buy a ticket for MOMO when the line-up is not even announced yet, trusting on our vision they’ve known for the last nineteen years.

Do you want some more reassurance, that’s fine by us. You, expecting the unexpected. Open to new experiences. You, partying your brains out with a psychedelic post-funk band from South-Somalia. Carelessly singing along with your favorite tunes in Rotown. You, tearing up while listening to a neo-classical pianist. And you weren’t even a fan of piano music, right? Let’s meet up. We probably don’t see eye to eye on everything. We love it.

Discover the line-up of MOMO Festival 2023 with our playlist on Spotify: