MOMO Fabrique 2021

A festival in the form of a discovery route through the raw Rotterdam city port area on September 4 & 5, 2021

With Motel Mozaïque, we are once again organizing MOMO Fabrique Festival this year in the form of a discovery route in the city port area of Rotterdam. You will be surprised by performances from the alternative pop star Froukje and Gil The Grid’s Amenti Theater Company, among others. In addition, our friends from BITTER and OASE present their own program. Plus you’ll discover the coolest new hotspots in the making in the raw city harbor area.

Guided tours

The festival on September 4 and 5 is divided over 3 coronaproof (no testing for access required) routes per day that will take you past all the performances in a few hours. So no stress for choosing this time! The starting times are 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 and we gather at De Huidenclub.

A ticket for MOMO Fabrique on September 4 or 5 costs 20 euros (including service costs) and with that you can enjoy everything we have in store for you for approximately 4.5 hours. We cycle from location to location. Can’t bring your own bike? No problem, we’ll have one for you. You then need to rent a bicycle when buying your ticket for only 5 euros.

You can also opt for a more luxurious ticket including a delicious vegan 3-course dinner at BITTER after the route.

The day before, on Friday 3 September, we will roll out the red carpet for Froukje together with Parfum de BoemBoem! in De Huidenclub. The singer will give a one-off performance where the fans are allowed to come very close. Tickets for the Rode Loper concert by Froukje are only available through Parfum de BoemBoem (sorry, sold out!)

Inspiring new locations

After great editions of MOMO Fabrique at, among others, Joep van Lieshout’s raw AVL Mundo, city oasis Weelde and the impressive Onderzeebootloods, it is now time to discover new locations in the Rotterdam city port area and of course we will do that together with you.

We’ll tell you a little about them, but to really get to know them, you just have to be at MOMO Fabrique on September 4 or 5, 2021 because you definitely want to see these cool places with your own eyes! The Rode Loper concert with Froukje will take place at De Huidenclub on September 3rd.

De Huidenclub

De Huidenclub, built in 1914, is located at the entrance of the M4H area. De Huidenclub is located in the oldest part of the historic Diepeveen building. A building with a rich history that is now undergoing massive development. With this development of the building and the area, De Huidenclub opened its doors to creatives. It will be a place where artists and designers come together and collaborate on current themes in the social and ecological domain. In addition, exhibitions, performances and lectures will be organised in the near future. And as one of the first, De Huidenclub welcomes Froukje and Gil the Grid during MOMO Fabrique 2021.

Hallen aan de Schiehaven

In the old building of shipyard de Delft, next to the skeleton of the reconstruction of the ship de Delft, a new creative hotspot will be created. Over the next 10 years, this space will be filled with great entrepreneurs & institutions. From Free Run & Urban Sports School RUSH World to sustainable shopping center OASE. A new place for creativity and connection. Together with entrepreneurs, programmers and visitors, OASE forms an ecosystem that shows how we can work towards a world in which people live in harmony with (nature and) the rest of the planet. With MOMO Fabrique you get the chance to get a sneak peak at this special location at the water in the harbor.


Last year we were visitors of Joep van Lieshout, this edition of MOMO Fabrique will visit their brand new neighbours. In the building next to AVL Mundo, the owners of Keilecafé are busy developing a restaurant and club in one. The restaurant is already open. You can already enjoy their Confusion Kitchen at these special locations. Where smell, taste and overall goodness come together in surprising dishes. The club will open its doors, after a successful crowdfunding, later this year. During MOMO Fabrique 2021 we already get a look behind the scenes at BITTER, with a performance by a DJ, light artist and dancers.

About MOMO Fabrique

What Motel Mozaique usually offers you during MOMO Festival and MOMO Concerts in the center of Rotterdam is different from MOMO Fabrique. MOMO will take you to the other core of the city during Fabrique: the port. With MOMO Fabrique, Motel Mozaique has enriched existing and former port locations with music and guided tours for several years. This is to inspire visitors and artists and to introduce them to the (former) Rotterdam port area.

In recent years, the raw, adventurous city port area of ​​Merwe-Vierhaven (M4H) has proved to be a great playground for MOMO Fabrique. With block parties between gigantic artworks by renowned artist Joep Van Lieshout, and where hip-hop icons Rico & Sticks (Opgezwolle) and Winne gave memorable performances. In 2019 year, MOMO Fabrique presented the Flemish rock band Triggerfinger in a huge warehouse where submarines were formerly built, and a concert by rapper Typhoon in the garden of the new creative free state of Weelde.

In September 2020, due to the corona measures, MOMO Fabrique was organized in the form of a discovery route that was organized eight times in a weekend, each sold out. With memorable performances by S10 and YIN YIN, among others, and a lay down concert by Nous Klaer DJ Matthijs. A few months later, the festival was voted Best Festival of Rotterdam 2020!