MOMO Fabrique 2020

The only pop festival in Rotterdam this summer on 5 & 6 September 2020

Because regular festivals cannot take place due to the pandemic, Motel Mozaïque organises the two-day festival MOMO Fabrique. A festival in the form of a tour on the special location: AVL Mundo.

During MOMO Fabrique, visitors are seduced and guided in a corona-proof manner to a special location in the port, where performances that would previously be at MOMO Festival in April 2020, take place. The visitor is taken through the various special spaces on the AVL Mundo site.

In a corona-proof composition you will have all the space to discover the special program of MOMO Fabrique 2020. From a laying down concert to spoken word and from a tour in the voedseltuin to immersive live music. The program is full of surprises. On September 5 and 6, 2020, this guided tour includes S10, YĪN YĪN and Meetsysteem among the gigantic works of renowned artist Joep Van Lieshout.


There are four timeslots per day on which you can join the guided tour through AVL Mundo. The tours start at

1:30 PM
2:30 PM
3:30 PM
4:30 PM

After the special tour there will be enough space until 22:00 to enjoy a snack and a drink in the Beeldentuin listening to more great tunes!

For more information about tickets and time slots, see tickets.

Plastic free & Green discount

Besides the fact that Motel Mozaïque always wants to bring a special program to surprising locations, MOMO also strives for the smallest possible footprint on our earth. That is why we strive for a climate neutral organisation. This year MOMO Fabrique will therefore not use single-use plastic. In this way MOMO wants to do its bit.

MOMO also rewards you with a 10% discount per drink if you come to the festival by bicycle or public transport. This positive polluter tax, the green discount, is one of the (socially) sustainable activities that Motel Mozaïque introduced in 2019 and which proved to be very successful.
You will receive a green stamp discount when you show a photo or video the day at the festival entrance showing you cycling or traveling by public transport.

About MOMO Fabrique

What Motel Mozaique usually offers you during MOMO Festival and MOMO Concerts in the center of Rotterdam is different from MOMO Fabrique. MOMO will take you to the other core of the city during Fabrique: the port. With MOMO Fabrique, Motel Mozaique has enriched existing and former port locations with music and guided tours for several years. This is to inspire visitors and artists and to introduce them to the (former) Rotterdam port area.

In recent years, the raw, adventurous city port area of ​​Merwe-Vierhaven (M4H) has proved to be a great playground for MOMO Fabrique. With block parties between gigantic artworks by renowned artist Joep Van Lieshout, and where hip-hop icons Rico & Sticks (Opgezwolle) and Winne gave memorable performances. In 2019 year, MOMO Fabrique presented the Flemish rock band Triggerfinger in a huge warehouse where submarines were formerly built, and a concert by rapper Typhoon in the garden of the new creative free state of Weelde.

MOMO Glamping

For those who want the allround festival experience, there is an option to spend the night from 5 to 6 September and from 6 to 7 September in MOMO Glamping style. This is possible at the Culture Campsite where you can sleep in artistic works of recycled materials.

A special place to spend the night during the festival!

Location: AVL Mundo

AVL Mundo (Keileweg 18, Rotterdam) is the place to be for MOMO Fabrique!

AVL Mundo was founded by renowned artist Joep van Lieshout. Most Rotterdammers will know Van Lieshout from his artwork ‘Cascade’: the stacked, dripping oil barrels on Churchillplein. Or perhaps from his controversial art installation “Domestikator”, which was in the news 2 years ago because the Louvre refused to exhibit the work because it was too sexual. Van Lieshout has been committed to making art accessible to a wide audience since 2008. One of the initiatives is the Beeldentuin, a publicly accessible garden with the most famous works by Joep.

AVL Mundo is located in M4H (Merwe-Vierhaven), one of the four areas of Stadshavens Rotterdam and was once one of the largest fruit ports in the world. Now with the change of its function it is an exciting and dynamic place in transition. On the places that are becoming vacant, more and more new activities are emerging, in particular from pioneers from the manufacturing industry and the creative sector. New forms of living and working will also be given a place here in the future.