Thank you for donating your drinking cups!

During MOMO Festival we launched a green campaign in collaboration with Natuurmonumenten, giving you the choice to convert the deposit on your reusable drinking cup into a 1€ donation. And you did it 575 times!

As a result of your contributions, we could support the expansion of Buitenplaats de Tempel’s garden. This Autumn the gardeners of Natuurmonumenten will plant various types of flower and berry-bearing shrubs. Not only beautiful to look at, but also very good for solitary bees, insects and birds. In this way, together we ensure that Rotterdam becomes even more beautiful!

About Buitenplaats De Tempel

Buitenplaats De Tempel is one of the green national monuments of Rotterdam. Unlike the others (The Park at the Euromast, the garden at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, the General Cemetery Crooswijk and the factory garden of the Van Nelle factory) this is a gem that has yet to be discovered! De Tempel park is owned by the municipality of Rotterdam and has been managed by the foresters of Natuurmonumenten since the end of 2021. In the coming years they will work together on the restoration so that De Tempel becomes accessible to a wide public and – just like what the country estates were originally intended for – you can escape the bustle of the city for a while. This is done in phases so that, for example, the bats always have enough space. For example, we are working on recreational development on the estate. The experience of the park and the recreational paths will be restored.

Drop by!

You are very welcome to marvel at this unique part of Rotterdam. In the summer months, volunteer foresters from Natuurmonumenten are in the orchard of De Tempel at the mobile information point. Here you will learn everything about this special historical place. Want to relax after the walk or just have a nice chat with friends? For a snack and drink you settle down – between the fruit and walnut trees – at the food truck with the delicious locally made delicacies from De Keuken van San.

More information about Buitenplaats de Tempel can be found here. Or download the route app from Natuurmonumenten Natuur Routes for routes around Rotterdam.

Marten van Dijl
Buitenplaats De Tempel by Marten van Dijl

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