Discover: Angel Olsen

Americana legend Bonnie Prince Billy took her under his wings in his mysterious band The Babblers and he also helped her out with her debut record Half Way Home. Now, Angel Olsen shows that she can do it on her own with her footloose second record called Burn Your Fire For No Witness.

The record was released yesterday and until now it merely receives positive critiques. Pitchfork rated the record an 8.3 and stated this in the review: “Burn Your Fire for No Witness picks up where “Sweet Dreams” left off, blossoming into a fuller, louder sound and embracing punchier song structures. [..] The blown-out, full-band energy enlivens Olsen, kindling an intensity that’s always been present in her songs and fanning the flames even higher.” Click here for the full review.

3voor12 published an interview with Angel about loneliness, her somewhat complex history and her musical influences. You can read the interview on 3voor12. Thereby, her new record is streaming on the luisterpaal.

On April 5, Angel comes by to enchante Rotterdam with her beautiful bloodcurdling voice.Deezer Facebook Twitter