Devendra Banhart to Rotterdam

On Friday 1 Februari Devendra Banhart will present his new album ‘Ma’ to you in Annabel Rotterdam!

Once dubbed the ‘High Priest of L.A. Freak Folk’, Devendra Banhart leaves a swirling trail of mystic folk, raga spirituals and Latin-American rock in his wake. With his weird and wonderful artistry – as a poet, performer, activist visual artist and musician – , Banhart has the unique ability to inflitrate that sweet spot between absurdity and melancholy.

The simply titled Ma is Devendra Banhart’s third for Nonesuch one that addresses—often in a beguilingly oblique way—the unconditional nature of maternal love the desire to nurture the passing down of wisdom¨ the longing to establish the relationship of mother to child and what happens when that bond gets broken.

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