Desertblues from Tinariwen

On Saturday May 23rd Motel Mozaique, BIRD and Rotown present desertblues band Tinariwen in the Maassilo in Rotterdam. Tickets are on sale now!

In English, Tinariwen roughly translates to ‘the desert boys. These revered luminaries of Tuareg desert blues met back in the eighties as soldiers at Colonel Kadhaffi’s training camps, in the hope of toppling the military regime in their homeland of Mali. However, a collective reflection, solace and forbearance isn’t achieved by the use of weapons, so instead the Tinariwen’s signature sound became a vehicle for that. The Tuareg desert blues adapts a wonderful, highly unique blend of native folk and Western pop influences, quickly spreading through word of mouth across the Saraha towards eventual worldwide acclaim. The Tinariwen’s incredible quest culminated by winning a Grammy in 2012 for their album Tassili. After enduring lifelong political unrest and personal tragedy, these nomads now have the entire world lending an ear. Being forced in exile for most their lives has given the Tinariwen a continuous flux of new influences to interpret, subjecting their singular musical blueprint to exciting new trajectories. Tonight, the Tinariwen will perform at the Maassilo in the flesh, so plenty of incentive to start dancing, clapping and hollering along.

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