Motel Mozaïque presents the portrait series Perspectief. Together with Pastrami Production Company, MOMO highlights different makers and their perspectives on creativity, personal development and recent discoveries.

In the third series of portraits we met artists from MOMO Festival 2022 line-up: Beau Zwart, Alesya Dubysh & Max Frimout, Gil ‘the Grid’ Gomes Leal, Gita Buhari and Roufaida.

Roufaida has performed at a wide range of venues and festivals, including BIRD, Oerol and Motel Mozaïque, including a successful round of opening shows for Eefje De Visser last June. In her most recent compositions, with guitar, guembri and vintage Riffin cassette samples, Roufaida makes subdued indie pop with a variety of different sounds: in this episode of Perspectief she tells MOMO about the research of her own path, unifying influences from her roots and the environment she grew up in.

Gita Buhari

With her compelling beats, dreamy trip-hop and soulful vibes, alongside beautiful 3D visuals by visual designer Anke Sondi, Gita Buhari’s performance was one of the most compelling shows during MOMO Festival this year. We met her and her musical partner Arjuna Vlasblom to find out more about the creative process that led to her new EP Blood Lily, released on June 17!

Gil ‘the Grid’ Gomes Leal

Gil ‘the Grid’ Gomes Leal is a movement artist, dance performer and the artistic leader of Amenti Theatre Company. He has been working with Motel Mozaïque for already five years, but last year started a special collaboration. This is a partnership based on a similar mindset and motivation, defined by innovation in the arts, diversity, inspiration and co-creation.

Alesya Dobysh & Max Frimout

Beau Zwart

Alesya Dobysh (Moscow, 1989) is a dancer and choreographer with a background in House Dance and Max Frimout (Nuenen, 1999) is a musician with a focus on generative and spatial composition. Based on their own fascination, they are developing a joint practice in which the exchange between dance, music and technology becomes one process. At MOMO Festival 2022 they presented “Motus Sonus (working title)”, in which they create a circular dialogue between mover and musician: a sound-generating process is controlled by physical movement and vice versa.

Beau Zwart is a DJ and producer, he makes soundtracks and has played classical piano since he was a child. This versatility can be heard in the Rotterdam-based DJ’s productions, in which he fuses funk, house and jazz into a stimulating whole. During his artist residency at Blue City, a hub for innovative companies, Beau is exploring similarities between their circular economies and his music.

Perspectief Series 2 (2021)

Manusama Nuance

For the first episode of the second series of five portraits, we visited Mirjam Manusama of Manusama Nuance in early 2021. She is a designer merging fashion and art: her work is moved by the importance of sustainability and self-expression.

Het Poolcafé

In this second episode we visited the Rotterdammer Tijs Niessen: he is a skateboarder, architect and co-founder of Het Poolcafé in the M4H city port area.

Stacii Samidin

In this episode you see documentary photographer and filmmaker Stacii Samidin at Gallery Stacii Samidin. He talks about his life’s work Societies, about not being able to travel during the pandemic and about taking time for yourself.


We visited singer Anne-Fay during her rehearsal at Melkweg in Amsterdam. She talks about making music, the search for her roots and what Reaspora means to her.

Galerie de Jaloezie

Galerie de Jaloezie is a platform for audiovisual art founded by Gijs van der Meer and Anne Vera Veen. The gallery explores unexpected feelings, asks difficult questions, and promises enviable programming that will send a shiver down your spine.

Perspectief Season 1 (2020)

How did isolation affect the creative process during the covid19 pandemic in 2020? During months of lockdown we met creators to learn how they saw the future. They reflected on the crisis and shared their vision for the future. Get inspired!

Lisette Ma Neza

Talented poet Lisette Ma Neza shares her perspective. She is known for her sharp pen, soft voice and Slam Poetry performances. In her poetry and music she searches for her own identity, her gender, her history and place in the world.


Here we have a conversation with Menno and Angeliek from Roodkapje Rotterdam. What does a crisis do to such a cultural breeding ground? And how can its connecting function continue to be fulfilled? For ten weeks, Roodkapje was transformed into a ‘coronaproof’ cultural supermarket to support artists, designers and musicians.


In the third installment we talk to Akwasi Owusu Ansah. How did he experience this bizarre time? And how did he see the future? He talks about setting priorities and looking at what is really important.

“I think I have felt all the emotions lately. And that ensures that you will rediscover and rediscover yourself.” – Akwasi


In this video portrait we speak with Jorn van Humankind. Humankind looks at city making in an alternative way. As a result, they had been working on themes such as loneliness and sustainability for some time. Themes that are so important right now. How do we work together towards a city where well-being and happiness are paramount?


Here we speak with Ayuk & Scifo from Falafval. That summer Falafval would have been at various festivals with their circular sandwiches. But that came to an end when many events were canceled. What do you do when all your plans change? How do you come up with new ways to do what is important to you?

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