MOMO Create

As an organisation based on live performances, during 2020 and 2021, we had to re-invent ourselves and focus on creative processes. This led us to form MOMO Create: we are working closely with artists, in order to cultivate their projects; to advise them, invite them to exciting programs at special locations, and to suggest new collaborations between artists of different disciplines. We support their creations and get inspired by their beliefs!

Many of these artists were active in the past year with special projects and many of them showed their results during MOMO Festival 2022 and other events: Beau Zwart’s collaboration with Blue City, the performances by Amenti Theatre Company, Manusama Nuance’s collections, the residency by caroline and many more.

On this page you can find info about everything that happens within MOMO Create: we will keep a blog of all the new projects and new artists involved. It’s also a platform for all the live sessions, interviews and videos we already created in the past two years!

Supporting artists for MOMO means giving them time, funding, spaces to create their art, but it also means highlighting it. In order to follow these processes, we curated two different video series: MOMO Perspectief and MOMO Create & Perform.

MOMO Perspectief is a portrait series, created together with Pastrami Production Company, in which we highlight different makers and their perspectives on creativity, personal development and recent discoveries.
In the third series we met artists from MOMO Festival 2022 line-up: Beau Zwart, Alesya Dubysh & Max Frimout, Gil ’the Grid’ Gomes Leal and Gita Buhari.

Create & Perform was made when live events weren’t allowed, due to the pandemic, but international musicians, makers and artists showed us that creation never stops! We captured those intimate, invisible moments in which an idea gradually leads to an artistic creation and to the public performance that we all see: the brainstorming, the sources of inspiration, the way the songs or scenes take shape.

The series featured a superlative list of acts: Black Country, New Road, Spinvis & Meskerem Mees, Anne Fay, Eefje de Visser and more.

Sometimes we are not directly involved with artists’ creation, but we’re still curious about their work behind the scenes! Here you can also find interviews and photo series with artists who performed at MOMO Festival 2022 (Jockstrap, Mysie, Famous, Meskerem Mees) and live sessions with Katy J Pearson, Sacrificial Chanting Mood and many others from MOMO archives.

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