Convoi Exceptional, St. Paul & DJ Tom Barman

In the final weekend of festival De Keuze we have some good friends over for shows or dj-performances in the Music Hall of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg: Convoi Exceptional, St. Paul and DJ Tom Barman. Entrance is free, so bring your friends!

Friday 28 September (from 22:00)

Convoi Exceptional
Five musicians who merge saxophone and percussion to create flowing rhythms and interchanging beats that make you move your body. These guys attract a crowd easily with their open attitude and magnetic energy. They call it: ‘Heading out for adventure with a drum on your back!’

St. Paul
DJ St. Paul is popular for his savvy mix of times and styles. He was known as a resident of Tivoli Utrecht and has been around the Dutch club and music venue circuit for many years. Festivals like Lowlands and Motel Mozaïque are often in his agenda too. Pop, soul, indie, beats, rock ‘n roll, there are no rules. Beautiful music is not bound by genres. Different Styles, Different People, One love!

Saturday 29 September (from 22:00)

DJ Tom Barman
It’s been a while since dEUS frontman Tom Barman (who is also part of dj-duo Magnus) showed his dj-skills, but tonight he’s back behind the decks in the ‘Music Hall’ of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. Barman has often been to the Motel Mozaique festival; with dEUS, Magnus, as dj, together with Guy Van Nueten, and otherwise as visitor.

Before DJ Tom Barman you can see Susie’s Haarlok: Veldwerk, a popconcert, performance and documentary all in one.