Los ticket €24 / in combinatie met festival €5 of €10

Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Grote zaal (seated / vrije stoelkeuze)

Zaal open 19.30 uur
Aanvang 20.30 uur


Minute Bodies (cine-concert)

Music lovers, nature lovers, art lovers and sensitive souls – Listen up! We have something special for you: The legendary tindersticks are coming to Rotterdam to give an exclusive tribute concert during the Opening night for the Motel Mozaique Festival 2017. In 2017 there will be a small selection of special live cine-events: Minute Bodies will feature as one of two sets for the evening… the other set being a special collection of Tindersticks songs and music.

tindersticks – Minute Bodies

tindersticks, one of the most legendary bands from the alternative music scene, with roots in both soul and jazz will hold two quirky, beautiful and thoughtful concerts during a unique concert experience at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

The concert is a rare and very special performance of tindersticks’ new work ‘Minute Bodies’, which is a tribute to the British photographer and timelapse pioneer F. Percy Smith, known for his innovative nature films from the beginning of the 1900s.


Combitickets for Motel Mozaïque Festival 2017 + tinderticks are available for a special price! Tickets are now also sold seperately for €24 (ex. fee)

Concert agenda