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Otto Reuchlinweg 996, Rotterdam

Zaal open 20.00 uur
Aanvang 20.30 uur

Orchestra Baobab

Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng

West Africa’s most iconic dance-band are back. A decade on from their last album and almost half a century since their formation, Senegal’s Orchestra Baobab return with a timeless set of classic, swaying tunes fusing Afro-Cuban rhythms and African tradition in the group’s trademark style.

Tribute To Ndiouga Diengis

Their new show ‘Tribute To Ndiouga Diengis’ is dedicated to one of the bands original vocalists who sadly died in November 2016. His songs will continue to be sung with the band by his son Alpha. It represents the latest chapter in a long and storied career that started in 1970 when the newly-formed Orchestra Baobab helped forge Dakar into one of the world’s most vital musical cities. Over the next decade the group dominated the local scene and produced countless hits before disbanding in the early eighties.

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