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Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

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Zaal open 19:30
Aanvang 20:30

Maarten Heijmans & band

Hommage aan Ramses Shaffy


The young actor Maarten Heijmans, still unknown in 2014, starred in the Dutch drama series Ramses, based on the life of chansonnier Ramses Shaffy. Heijmans’ role was awarded a Golden Calf and an Emmy Award.

Heijmans then ended up on stage from the film, a place where Shaffy was also a regular. When the Netherlands Film Festival asks Heijmans to perform some of Shaffy’s songs during the festival, Heijmans answers: “only if I don’t have to play them one after the other, but can give them my own twist.” He asks some musician friends to accompany him. The condition is that they are young musicians who are relatively unfamiliar with Ramses Shaffy, because the twist Heijmans wants to give the songs must be new, fresh and up-to-date. The performances were a great success.

Five years after this tour, on the anniversary of Ramses Shaffy’s death (1 December 2009), Heijmans releases the album Ramses. The collection of songs that Maarten has selected for this album contains well-known Shaffy songs such as Sammy, Laat me, Zing Vecht, and We Will Continue, but he certainly didn’t want it to be a Best or just sing-along.

“The Shaffy songs that have touched me the most are perhaps his lesser known work, songs like If You’re Not With Me or Lullaby. Every song on this album has meant a lot to me during the preparation and running of the drama series and I have been able to add something personal to every track.”

The oeuvre of Ramses Shaffy is given a contemporary twist by Maarten Heijmans and band, but in the spirit of Shaffy. An extraordinarily special evening!

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