John Cale

John Cale is one of the most widely appreciated and influential rock icons on earth. At the same time, he is also the hardest to categorize, with more than twenty solo albums on his name. Avantgarde, classical, pop, electronics, Cale is the absolute master of musical cross-pollination.

His distinctive droning violin sound made the legendary The Velvet Underground a distinctive and groundbreaking collective in the sixties. It has since been imitated often, but Cale continues to push boundaries restlessly.

The stubborn musician applies his classically trained knowledge and skills over the years to lift rock heroes like The Stooges, Patti Smith, Modern Lovers and Happy Mondays to a higher level. He has worked with great composers such as LaMonte Young, John Cage, Terry Riley and Brian Eno, and in the seventies he took on a shock rock persona.

Long story short, John Cale has practically explored all facets of music to the max. Tonight in Theater this living legend will play a nice overview of his best work.


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