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Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

Schouwburgplein 25

Show starts at 20:15

Ivo Dimchev


This living colour book wrapped in the tough body of a Bulgarian performer doesn’t need anything more than a mic on a stand. One glance on this androgynous creature and the entire room will hold its breath.

And even though this creature seems to have just walked off the stage of some Viennese Operetta, with still some traces of make up and stray glitter in his hairs left, its vulnerability with which his falsetto voice nests itself into your head. Visitors of MOMO Festival where Ivo Dimchev performed in 2014 and 2018 know exactly what we mean.

Ivo Dimchev will return to Rotterdam with his performance Sculptures during Rotterdam Pride on Wednesday 25 September!

Text & music Ivo Dimchev
Choreography Ivo Dimchev
With Ivo Dimchev, Jaskaran Singh Anand, Jordan des Champs, Helena Araujo, Pauline Stöhr

“Animalistic one moment, delicate the next, he meshes darkness and lightness with verbal and physical dexterity.” – New York Times

This show is part of Pride Rotterdam, tickets are available via Theater Rotterdam

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