€20 inc. fee

Annabel Rotterdam

Schiestraat 20

Doors: 19:00
Showtime: 20:00

Amyl and The Sniffers

Support: C.O.F.F.I.N.

MOMO Festival 2019 highlight Amyl and The Sniffers return to Rotterdam for a concert at Annabel! Tickets go very fast, final tickets are only available via our partner Rotown.

Going bad at least once on a show by the most twisted punk rock band on planet Earth, Amyl and The Sniffers, seems to have become a staple throughout the festival season. But the clubs are also brutally demolished brick by brick by Amy Taylor and her conspirators.

Passive observation at a safe distance with a lukewarm beer in your hand is not possible with this controversial company. There is a good chance that singer Taylor will grab it from your hands with her own hands and pour it over your head. Moreover, Amyl and The Sniffers provides an overdose of spectacle and sjeu time and again. All the freaks to the front in Annabel!

Amyl and the Sniffers by Kamiel Scholten MOMO Festival 2019
Amyl and The Sniffers, MOMO Festival 2019 in Rotown by Kamiel Scholten

Amyl and The Sniffers Take C.O.F.F.I.N. on tour as a support act. C.O.F.F.I.N. stands for Children of Finland Fighting in Norway, which actually makes no sense (“I guess that happens when you’re 11 years old and naming your band,” as the band explains themselves). In the end, a name matters very little when you make punk rock that this collective from Sydney specializes in. With three guitarists in the ranks, C.O.F.F.I.N. you with three bones ax completely mellow.

This concert is presented by Rotown, Annabel & MOMO Concerts

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