Amenti Theatre Company & Shishani

Locatie: Het Podium

On July 14, 2022, Motel Mozaïque will present a special double bill in a unique location: the Rotterdam dance collective Amenti Theater Company will play the new performance Lilith and singer-songwriter Shishani will give a solo performance at Het Podium, an impressive platform on the roof of Het Nieuwe Instituut!


Gita Buhari

Blood Lily EP release

Locatie: BIRD Rotterdam

Get ready for an evening full of dreamy trip-hop, soul, spatial soundscapes and compelling beats. On Thursday, June 23, 2022, Gita Buhari will present her new EP Blood Lily in BIRD!



Locatie: Theater Rotterdam

In the past, many artists have been proclaimed ‘the new Spinvis’, but the fact is: ‘the new Spinvis’ does not exist. Except Spinvis himself, of course. Let’s face it: who juggles words and phrases in a similar way?

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Maarten Heijmans & band

Hommage aan Ramses Shaffy

Locatie: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

The young actor Maarten Heijmans, still unknown in 2014, starred in the Dutch drama series Ramses, based on the life of chansonnier Ramses Shaffy. Heijmans’ role was awarded a Golden Calf and an Emmy Award.



Locatie: Maassilo Rotterdam

Kaytranada is coming to Rotterdam on June 17, 2022 for a concert in the Maassilo! Kaytranada is one of today’s leading, in-demand producers and artists. From Pharrell to Chance The Rapper, from Kali Uchis to Kendrick Lamar; the greatest artists on Earth ask this Grammy-winning Haitian-Canadian jack of all trades to record the most groundbreaking records.

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DJ Shadow

Locatie: Maassilo Rotterdam

For any other artist it would be a formality to be named in the Guinness Book Of World Records with the first album that consists entirely of samples. DJ Shadow, however, achieved it in spectacular fashion, with one of the greatest artistic pinnacles of experimental hip hop and electronic music: Endtroducing.


Eefje de Visser

Support: The Visual

Locatie: Maassilo Rotterdam

The warm, flowing pop music of Eefje de Visser obscures the boundaries between word and sound, the earthbound and the otherworldly, the dreamscapes and the dance floors. But on the surface of these ambiguous, muddy waters floats an overwhelmingly clear vision, one that reflects our basic human desire and curiosity as only the best pop music can.

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& support

Locatie: LantarenVenster

Update December 14, 2021: Due to the ongoing corona measures, Villagers has decided to move the entire European tour to May 2022. The new date for the sold-out show in LantarenVenster is May 11, 2022, tickets remain valid of course. Ticket buyers will receive a message about this by e-mail.

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Live presentatie van het nieuwe album Cr:GO

Locatie: Rotown Rotterdam

It’s always special when an artist arrives that sounds both familiar and strange. The Amsterdam resident Ricky Cherim – aka Meetsysteem – released Cr:GO last year, a universally strong record that makes you think: the urge to innovate in Dutch pop music, it’s still possible.


Joep Beving

Solo piano concert

Locatie: De Doelen Rotterdam

Update December 10: Good news, we have set a new date for the Joep Beving concert in de Doelen. On Friday, May 6, 2022, he will give a solo piano concert in the Main Hall. Tickets from the earlier dates remain valid and tickets are still available through de Doelen and Ticketmaster. Ticket buyers will be informed about this by e-mail.



Support: Ivan & the Parazol

Locatie: Maassilo Rotterdam

Update December 14, 2021: Due to the current measures, DeWolff’s concert in the main hall of the Maassilo cannot continue on the date it was planned (December 29, 2021). We are still looking for a new date, please be patient. Tickets will in any case remain valid for this new date.



Support: SOMEONE

Locatie: Maassilo Rotterdam

Blaudzun is known for his almost ceremonial, distinguished song splendor, which has helped him establish himself as a celebrated artist over the past decade. The breakthrough album Promises Of No Man’s Land has meanwhile acquired the status as a modern classic, although Blaudzun himself continued to break new, exciting paths with projects such as Haty Haty.

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Curtis Harding

Support: Shishani

Locatie: Maassilo Rotterdam

Curtis Harding feeds his psychedelic sound with the essence of soul and funk though is his work isn’t bound to it. Harding’s songs represent an eclectic mix of genres that have sprung from the many musical lives he has already lived in his young life.


Fabrizio Paterlini

Tour in Transition

Locatie: De Doelen Rotterdam

Update November 15, 2021: This concert can continue with the current corona measures (CoronaCheck app, only seats and a maximum of 1250 visitors), so we would love to see you at Fabrizio Paterlini in de Doelen. Tickets from previous dates of this show that has been rescheduled several times are valid, all ticket buyers have been informed about this before.


Ibrahim Maalouf

Quelques Mélodies...

Locatie: De Doelen Rotterdam

Update November 16, 2021: Good news because the concert of Ibrahim Maalouf can continue! However, we had to split the sold-out show into two shows with start times at 19:30 and 21:30. Ticket buyers have been informed about this by de Doelen. And this will also make some extra tickets available.


Jungle By Night

Algorhythm Tour

Locatie: Maassilo Rotterdam

Twelve years ago, nine friends founded a collective rooted in strange sounds from unfamiliar places. Combining their tastes and an untameable hunger for music at a young age. Almost a decade of heating up dancefloors across the globe later they have reached manhood. Jungle by Night fuses passion, friendship, and influences from krautrock, dance, jazz and afrobeat into an instrumental powerhouse, fluently speaking the language of their instruments (and each other).

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Brad Mehldau

Solo piano concert

Locatie: De Doelen Rotterdam

One of the most acclaimed pianists of his generation, Brad Mehldau is a virtuoso performer with an ear for deeply nuanced, harmonically sophisticated acoustic jazz.


De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig

Support: Nelcon

Locatie: Annabel

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig (today’s youth) are now in their late thirties, but as they say, boys will be boys. The Youth therefore remains The Youth. The humorous, clever diction of Vjèze Fur, Willie Wartaal and Faberyayo and the unmistakable beats of Bas Bron are fifteen years after Watskeburt!? always a household name in the Netherlands. The hits and legendary shows speak for themselves.

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Kevin & The Animals On Tour

Support: Momi

Locatie: Annabel Rotterdam

Kevin a.k.a. Slowflowanimal (1994) has his own unique style of making music. The rapper of Dutch/British descent, born and raised in Rotterdam, mainly raps in the narrative form. He uses words to paint a picture of how he sees life around him and what he is experiencing himself.

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Eefje de Visser X Nick Verstand

MOMO Create & Perform

Locatie: Online stream

In April, Motel Mozaique presents a special project with singer Eefje de Visser and contemporary artist Nick Verstand in Rotterdam. They will create and show an audiovisual work, at the intersection of live performance and modern art.



Support: Babyheaven

Locatie: Maassilo

Update December 1, 2021: Unfortunately, there will be no replacement date for Rhye’s postponed concert in Rotterdam. Rhye will still come to the Melkweg in Amsterdam on April 8, 2022. All ticket holders will receive a message by email and will receive a refund of the purchase amount soon.


Eefje de Visser

& support

Locatie: Het nieuwe Luxor Theater

Since she moved to Ghent, we have to share her a bit with our southern neighbors. Still, as far as we are concerned, Eefje de Visser remains the undisputed queen of the Nederpop.

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The Streets

Locatie: Maassilo

Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, the The Streets concert at Maassilo cannot take place at the rescheduled date. We have tried our best to find an alternative date, but unfortunately, to no avail. Ticket buyers will receive an e-mail with information about getting a refund.



& support

Locatie: De Doelen

tindersticks, one of the most legendary bands from the alternative music scene with roots in both soul and jazz will present their new album to Rotterdam in venue De Doelen on Friday May 1st. Tickets for this seated show are available now!



Locatie: Maassilo

Brimming with powerful synth hooks, rousing rhythmic patterns and expertly juxtaposed intensities, Weval’s music lends itself rather well to a live setting – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it follows the prime-time rule-book of constant „in-your-face“ power play.

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Jools Holland

featuring special guests KT Tunstall & Ruby Turner

Locatie: De Doelen

The name Jools Holland is almost synonymous with music. Holland is best known as the iconic host of ‘Later … With Jools Holland’, where artists from all parts come together on equal footing. At the same time, the man is a gifted pianist who has mastered all styles to perfection from the age of eight and onwards.

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Support: Lian Ray

Locatie: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

With his widely acclaimed debut In The Silence, the popularity of Icelandic musician Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson shot up like an eruption of the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano. His music forms a miraculous cross-pollination in which indie-folk, R&B, and electronics converge into widescreen heart-warming pop songs.



& support

Locatie: Maassilo

Balthazar returned this year with the illustrious Fever, an album that sounds quintessentially like Balthazar: sonorous, warm-blooded, dosed and flawlessly performed. On the other hand, the band carefully ventures into the world of obscure seventies disco, French pop, exotic music, film music and Madchester acid house.

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Devendra Banhart

Support: Vetiver

Locatie: Annabel

Once dubbed the ‘High Priest of L.A. Freak Folk’, Devendra Banhart leaves a swirling trail of mystic folk, raga spirituals and Latin-American rock in his wake.


Sofi Tukker

Supports: Nina Las Vegas + LP Giobbi

Locatie: Maassilo

American duo Sofi Tukker (Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern) craft throbbing, ’90s house-inspired jungle pop. Hawley-Weld and Halpern met in Providence, Rhode Island, while attending Brown University. Soon after, the solo artists joined forces and composed their first song, “Drinkee,” which became an international hit.

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Support: Hi Hawaii

Locatie: LantarenVenster

After a three-year hiatus, dEUS front man Tom Barman, returns with his jazz-rock-infused, genre-bending side project, TaxiWars, and new single ‘Sharp Practice’: a deeply impulsive, energetic groove that steams jazz with late eighties hip-hop beats, the single is taken from the band’s upcoming album ‘Artificial Horizon’, released later this year.



& support

Locatie: LantarenVenster

Villagers writes with unabashed romance about technology on its newest full-length player with the traditionally cryptic title The Art Of Pretending To Swim. Or, more specifically, how technology restrains daily life and hides our own helplessness. O ‘Brien is a ponderer, never afraid to tackle the tough issues, and that cerebral charm always makes Villagers all the more stunning.

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Raphael Saadiq

Locatie: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

Raphael Saadiq is a Grammy Award winning musician, songwriter and go-to collaborator / producer for some of the biggest names in R&B. Solange Knowles, John Legend, Mary J. Blige, D’Angelo, Ne-Yo and Miguel are among the many artists who turn to Saadiq for his deep musicality, contemporary creative vision and encyclopedic knowledge of timeless pop music.

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Thomas Azier

Support: Lars and the Magic Mountain

Locatie: Maassilo

After touring extensively around the release of award winning records Hylas and Rouge, Thomas Azier’s new album Stray was written and produced solely by Thomas himself in hotel rooms traveling around the world, plus he is releasing it on his own label Hylas Records. After his major label deal, the Dutch synth pop artist is now fully independent and determined to embark on a journey of steady releases.


Ivo Dimchev


Locatie: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

This living colour book wrapped in the tough body of a Bulgarian performer doesn’t need anything more than a mic on a stand. One glance on this androgynous creature and the entire room will hold its breath.



Support: Freez

Locatie: Weelde
Sold out


Support: Anemone

Locatie: Onderzeebootloods

Grey sideburns, stylish suits, ponderous guitar riffs, plus a penchant for sipping a good glass of wine amidst the aural onslaught. Only one band fits this description: Flemish rock juggernaut Triggerfinger, who will be performing in a unique location in the Rotterdam harbour: the Onderzeebootloods (former submarine station).


Xavier Rudd

Support: Tay Oskee

Locatie: Maassilo

Looking back over Xavier Rudd’s stunning career, one could easily ask what is possibly left for him to achieve. Already one of Australian music’s all-time greats, he has touched people’s lives worldwide. He has earned accolades of every kind, Gold and Platinum certification, and legions of fans who love him with an inextinguishable passion. Yet, with each new release, Xavier Rudd continues to surpass expectation and produce his finest work to date.



Special Guests: Sevn Alias, Murda, Momi, Vic9 o.a.

Locatie: Annabel

Na de succesvolle eerdere ‘Kleine Versnelling’ EP en zijn debuutalbum ‘Lente’ is begin mei het tweede album van Kevin verschenen: ‘Vrij’. De singles ‘Lelijk, ‘Paraplu’ (featuring Murda) en ‘Zielige Gozer’ (ft. Bizzey) waren al vooruit gestuurd. ‘Lelijk’ en ‘Paraplu’ zitten inmiddels alweer over de 1 miljoen streams! Kevin presenteert zijn nieuwe album ‘Vrij’ op zaterdag 8 juni in Annabel. Kaartverkoop start vrijdag 10 mei 10:00 uur.


Raphael Saadiq

Locatie: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

“Due to recent scheduling conflicts, I had to make the tough decision to cancel my fall European tour dates. I deeply love and appreciate my European fans and I was so excited to see you and perform in the venues there again. I’ll be returning next year with NEW MUSIC, and am very grateful for your patience. Look forward to seeing you all in 2019!” – Raphael Saadiq



Support: M. & Winterdagen

Locatie: Parkeerdek WTC-Beursplein

Klangstof is a dynamic Norwegian / Dutch band led by Koen van de Wardt. Dynamic is the magic word: the group sounds as fragile as glass at times, other songs rise like raging flying cars through Blade Runner-like futuristic structures. Like his hero Thom Yorke, Van de Wardt tends to feelings of unrest, alienation and isolation.



Locatie: de Doelen

De Amerikaanse West Coast band VENICE deelt in hun nieuwe ‘Brunch Buffet Tour’ – aan de hand van een verzameling van hun favoriete covers – hun muzikale herinneringen met het publiek. Na afloop van de show zal de band uitgebreid de tijd nemen voor een Meet & Greet en signeersessie.



Locatie: Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Motel Mozaique and Rotown present Blaudzun on Friday 12 December 2014 in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. Tickets on sale now!


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