Community campaign: meet the family

Motel Mozaïque is built on a foundation of talented and creative people, forming a warm and supportive, ever-growing community that we have been working with for years. This year, we decided to take a bold step and show the MOMO Family! We decided to start a community campaign with 10 of our ambassadors as models, and we asked them about that true MOMO feeling. The feeling that is carried throughout our organisation. 

MOMO Makes You Wonder

For this campaign we created a MOMO Wonderroom: a wooden box that represents the wondrous world of MOMO. Stepping into the MOMO wonderbox means stepping into the unknown: discovering a new world of music, moments and.. people! That’s why we have called our campaign: MOMO Makes You Wonder. Referring to the many, often emotional, memories people have of their MOMO Festival experience. Wonder also stands for: feeling curious about the unknown, which might be a moment of surprise, of clashing worlds, of excitement. It is these moments that are at the core of MOMO. 

Nine of our favourite souls were asked to join this campaign, each of them has their own story and unique relationship with us, some of them on stage, as part of our program. Others stand in front of the stage each year to celebrate that their love story started at MOMO Festival many years ago. Each of them will share their story with you. For the coming nine weeks we will publish a new story each week.

Gert-Jan and Eveline

Our ambassadors Gert-Jan and Eveline met at our festival and have been visiting us ever since. Recalling their first meeting Gert-Jan told us they “were introduced to each other through friends at the MOMO Festival in 2010. That evening we went to see a then new and upcoming band called Mumford & Sons in the Schouwburg. After the concert it was very crowded in the hall and on the way to the exit I said to her ‘just hold my hand’ and from that moment on I never let go of her hand. Since that moment we have visited the MOMO Festival together every year. Part of this memory is one song the band played that ended up being special to us is Little Lion Man, we also played it several times at our wedding.”

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Elia Vitadamo

Elia Vitadamo is the Company Manager and Creative Producer of Amenti Theatre Company. Thinking about her connection to MOMO Festival she recalled the first collaboration in 2018 and the synergy between MOMO and Amenti. Read the full article!

Set Design: Elsemarijn Bruys
Photography: Ashley Röttjers
Video: Studio Nul

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