Billie Holiday’s birthday: 100 years

Today is the birthday of Billie Holiday; she was born a hundred years ago. That’s why Kurt Overbergh, ceo of Ancienne Belgique, wanted to celebrate her anniversary during Motel Mozaïque (this weekend). A musical hommage.

Billy is singing. The orchestra is docile. Our hearts become weak and our souls scratched. And we allow ourselves. Billie’s Choice is a double musical homage to the one and only Lady Day (1915-1959). Behind the decks: Kurt Overbergh – artistic director of Ancienne Belgique (AB) in Brussels.

At the moment, Overbergh is also working on a unique auditory road movie about Billie Holiday her life in Harlem, keep track of the developments here. Kurt Overbergh is going to play two sets; the first is a historical listening trip through Billie’s life, and for the second set, we strongly advice you to put on your dancing shoes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ZyuULy9zsKurt Overbergh (BE) – Billie Holiday
Saturday 11th April 23:00-01:00
Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Kleine zaal