Balthazar in improved Maassilo

Balthazar returned this year with the illustrious Fever, an album that sounds quintessentially like Balthazar: sonorous, warm-blooded, dosed and flawlessly performed. On the other hand, the band carefully ventures into the world of obscure seventies disco, French pop, exotic music, film music and Madchester acid house.

Co-founders Maarten Devoldere and Jinte Deprez have taken autonomous paths in recent years as Warhaus and J. Bernardt, respectively, and those individual progressions dovetail beautifully on Fever. On Rats and Thin Walls, Balthazar adorned with a sound that plucked cunningly from the most diverse style figures, and on Fever the band blows another layer of dust to reveal more.

Extravert, erratic, more colorful, more polish and just a little more immediate: Balthazar is rightfully one of the most widely appreciated pop groups of this decade. We can’t think of a better band to enchant the new, improved Maassilo for a whole evening on February 14th 2020, the best Valentines Day ever!

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