Young Talents Club

Have you always wanted to work in the festival / music scene and are you eager to gain experience? Then the Young Talents Club is the place for you. With the MOMO Young Talents Club (YTC), Motel Mozaïque creates a breeding ground for young talents to develop further.

Over the 20 years that Motel Mozaïque has existed, we’ve been able to prepare many talents. They have grown to become programmers, marketeers or producers at music venues and festivals such as Paradiso, Paard, EKKO and Into The Great Wide Open. Some young Talents have moved on to paid positions within the MOMO festival team. Read testimonials from previous Young Talents at the bottom of this page.

What it includes

As a young talent, Motel Mozaïque offers you the space to gain experience in the festival scene. You learn the tricks of organizing a festival from MOMO pros and you get the space to develop and try out your own ideas. You receive an appropriate reimbursement for your work experience placement or internship as a Young Talent. You will become part of the team at Motel Mozaïque, which has its office in the Schieblock in Rotterdam. Motel Mozaïque has an extensive network within the music scene on a national and international level, which they are happy to share with you to help you build your career.

About MOMO

Motel Mozaïque Festival (MOMO) is a driver and connector for innovation in music and art, and for a hospitable city. As a mosaic, MOMO brings together the best possible mix of (inter) national pop music, performance and art for you. With the city of Rotterdam as a stage. Urban development and social themes as a source of inspiration. A sharp, international programming as a driving force. Let yourself be tempted for a weekend along undiscovered places, music, art and stories. Expect the unexpected.

For who?

Do you feel like learning new things at a festival? Do you cherish a love for the city of Rotterdam? Do you think in terms of opportunities and solutions? Are you helpful to your other team members? And are you between 18 – 28 years old and do live in (region) Rotterdam? Then you definitely fit in the Young Talents Club. We care about your motivation, not your educational background and whether you already know exactly where you want to go. It really depends on the team you’re in but we expect you 2 to 3 days a week in the period December 2022 to May 2023 to commit to the MOMO Young Talents Club. Additionally you are fully available during the week of the festival (10 until 16 April 2023).

Apply for YTC 2023

We are looking for new Young Talents to strengthen our team and intensively participate in MOMO Festival 2023 for six months for the period December 2022 to May 2023, for example in the teams: Marketing & Communications, Production, Guided Tours,  Program, Sustainability or Business management. You can send your motivation letter or video together with a CV and/or portfolio for the YTC before October 24th via Homerun.

The interviews will take place on Wednesday, November 2nd.


Linde, Young Talent Design 2018-2019
“Last edition I did an internship at Motel Mozaïekque. I participated during the preparations, during the festival and during the completion of the festival as Young Talent Design. I was in my graduation phase at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and was looking for a challenging internship and I certainly found this at MOMO! I was allowed to take pictures during the festival, to make illustrations for the festival theme, to participate in the general campaign and to work together with designers. I would certainly recommend this to other designers and creative people!

Nikki, Young Talent Curator Open Call 
“Being part of the YTC of MOMO19 was really a unique experience. I have completed the Master Arts, Culture & Society and I have four years of experience in the arts and culture sector, mainly related to digital art and music festivals. Because of my role as a curator and coordinator of the Open Call of MOMO I have been able to develop further into a curator and artistic director. I got to know the creative scene of Rotterdam better and have been allowed to work together with professionals and (inter) national artists. You really become part of a close team and together you ultimately create a very cool festival.”

Alicia, Young Talent Guided Tours 2022
“Being a part of the YTC at MOMO was a great experience. It was fun, exciting and I learned a lot. I was warmly welcomed into the team as an individual with responsibilities while getting all the support and guidance I needed. The YTC is such a great way to step into the cultural sector and be a part of making something very special. I am proud to have been a part of the MOMO22 team and look forward to what the future holds!”

Tom, Young Talent 2018-2019 
“Despite not having completed any degree, I had the unique opportunity to gain experience in the festival world as a Young Talent at MOMO. From day one I felt part of the team and I was able to participate in several cool projects: from the production of the MOMO Art Motel to the program of the night events. It was educational, challenging and most importantly a lot of fun! After my time as a Young Talent, I have grown within the team and I am currently focusing on making the events that MOMO organises more sustainable and inclusive.”