The greener, the better. Motel Mozaïque believes in that. During the twentieth edition of MOMO Festival, on April 21, 22 and 23 in the center of Rotterdam, sustainability is central to everything the discovery festival does. The organisation continues to work on its role as a driver and inspiration for sustainability in the cultural sector and cities. The festival organisation has already shown this in the past two years by no longer using single-use plastic during the smaller MOMO Fabrique festival in the Rotterdam port area. This year too, many green actions, great benefits and sustainable activities are on the program.

Motel Mozaique merchandise vrijwilligers festival

Electric transport, vegetarian food and green discount
Last year, Motel Mozaïque concluded the Sustainable Deal together with the municipality, eleven event organisers and Rotterdam Festivals. This sets out the ambition to achieve sustainable objectives over a period of three years. Together we are working on reducing our collective CO2 footprint and raising awareness about sustainable developments. For example, Motel Mozaïque transports its crew 100% electrically and the festival gives a discount to its visitors who use sustainable means of transport, such as public transport or bicycle.

Green Discount during MOMO22

Pollution: we all have to deal with it and often in a negative way. That is precisely why Motel Mozaïque (MOMO) has decided to approach this differently during the festival. Instead of focusing on what you don’t do well, we turn it around. MOMO arranges a discount for everyone who is doing a good job: you get a discount on food and drinks if you come to the festival on foot, by bike or by public transport.

The Green Discount

With the green discount, MOMO focuses on transport, which is one of the most polluting elements in organising a festival. Visitors from all over the country come to Rotterdam to celebrate the festival. By giving a green discount to people who walk, skate, use public transport or cycle, we encourage the choice of sustainable transport in order to reduce this footprint. You will receive a stamp by simply showing a photo or video of that day at the MOMO information desk on which you can be seen cycling or traveling by public transport. With the green discount you get a discount on every drink you order at MOMO Playground, the freely accessible festival heart of MOMO. You also get a 10% green discount on the MOMO merchandise.

Festival as research area

The festival is the ideal place to try these new greener approaches. For three days, the festival is a temporary mini-society, which beautifully reflects the city. Will the discount catch on and will we motivate people to travel greener? Then that’s a sign that our target is likely to catch on on a large scale as well.

Groene korting plastic vrij MOMO