The greener the better. Motel Mozaïque believes in that, and sustainability will also be central to everything MOMO does in 2023. The organisation continues to work on its role as a booster and inspirer in sustainability in the cultural sector and cities. The festival organisation has already shown this in recent years by introducing a green discount during MOMO Festival and no longer using disposable plastic during MOMO Fabrique in the Rotterdam port area.

MOMO promotes a series of social activities related to sustainability, accessibility and more. 

One of our social goals is to be an inclusive organisation, with events open to those with a smaller and larger budget. 
In the past we have given donations to organisations like the Voedseltuin and the Voedselbank, to help local Rotterdammers in need of some extra support.
During the last edition of MOMO Festival many visitors converted the deposit on their drinking cup into a donation: thanks to those contributions, we could support the expansion of Buitenplaats de Tempel’s garden. This autumn 400 beautiful bushes and trees were planted by the gardeners of Natuurmonumenten.
For the second year we participate to the campaign “Geef en Toegift”: the audience can buy a festival ticket for someone who is not able to afford it. This action is promoted in collaboration with Stichting Mano, a charity organisation that locally supports people that are living in poverty or that are socially excluded.


MOMO offers a sustainable menu during its events, where vegetarian has been the norm for years. We also work a lot with local, seasonal and organic products.

We use food as efficiently as possible to prevent food waste.

We inspire our audience to change their daily habits, as food and drink are a big part of their experience.


MOMO is committed to reducing waste and optimising waste processing. We do not see our waste streams as unusable waste, but as raw materials with potential (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle).

We facilitate various collection points for raw materials at our own locations.

We support our public in the conscious separation of raw materials. Think of clear signing, educational signs and the use of volunteers.

Residual flows are used with as much value as possible in a new cycle. We work together with waste processor GroenCollect for this.


MOMO events take place almost entirely at locations that are connected to the fixed power network. As a result, we do not have to use polluting  diesel generators.

MOMO strives to run its events entirely on green energy. This was successful during MOMO Fabrique 2022: all locations were supplied with green electricity, largely self-generated by solar panels.


Visitors, crew and artists are encouraged to travel by bicycle or public transport as much as possible.

We prefer local suppliers in order to limit the number of travel movements.

During our festivals we give a green discount to people who walk, skate, use public transport or bicycle. With the green discount you get a discount on every drink you order at our bars.


MOMO Festival and MOMO Fabrique are ideal places to try out new greener approaches. The festivals form a temporary mini-society that beautifully reflects the city. A unique opportunity for makers to experiment with their innovation during our events!


Motel Mozaïque concluded the Sustainability Deal together with the municipality of Rotterdam, eleven event organisers and Rotterdam Festivals. This sets out the ambition to achieve sustainable objectives over a period of three years. Together we are working to reduce our collective CO2 footprint and we are raising awareness of sustainable developments.

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