Motel Mozaïque has the following vacancies:
✩ Young Talent Club
✩ Volunteers coordinator

Young Talents Club

Have you always wanted to work in the festival / music scene and are you eager to gain experience? Then the Young Talents Club is the place for you. With the MOMO Young Talents Club (YTC), Motel Mozaïque creates a breeding ground for young talents to develop further.

Over the 20 years that Motel Mozaïque has existed, we’ve been able to prepare many talents. They have grown to become programmers, marketers or producers at music venues and festivals such as Paradiso, Paard, EKKO and Into The Great Wide Open. Some young Talents from MOMO 2019 and 2020 have moved on to paid (freelance) positions within the MOMO festival team. Read testimonials from previous Young Talents at the bottom of this page.

What it includes

As a young talent, Motel Mozaïque offers you the space to gain experience in the festival scene. You learn the tricks of organizing a festival from MOMO pros and you get the space to develop and try out your own ideas. You receive an appropriate reimbursement for your work experience placement or internship as a Young Talent. You will become part of the team at Motel Mozaïque, which has its office in the Schieblock in Rotterdam. Motel Mozaïque has an extensive network within the music scene on a national and international level, which they are happy to share with you to help you build your career.

About MOMO

Motel Mozaïque Festival (MOMO) is a driver and connector for innovation in music and art, and for a hospitable city. As a mosaic, MOMO brings together the best possible mix of (inter) national pop music, performance and art for you. With the city of Rotterdam as a stage. Urban development and social themes as a source of inspiration. A sharp, international programming as a driving force. Let yourself be tempted for a weekend along undiscovered places, music, art and stories. Expect the unexpected.

For who?

Do you feel like learning new things at a festival? Do you cherish a love for the city of Rotterdam? Do you think in terms of opportunities and solutions? Are you helpful to your other team members? And are you between 18 – 28 years old and do live in (region) Rotterdam? Then you definitely fit in the Young Talents Club. We care about your motivation, not your educational background and whether you already know exactly where you want to go. It is also important that you have at least 2 to 3 days a week in the period January 2022 to May 2022 to commit to the MOMO Young Talents Club. Additionally you are fully available during the week of the festival (18 until 24 April 2022).

Apply for YTC 2022

We are looking for new Young Talents to strengthen our team and intensively participate in MOMO Festival 2022 for five months for the period January 2022 to May 2022. You can send your motivation letter or video together with a CV and/or portfolio for the YTC before December 1st. Mail this to margriet@motelmozaique.nl stating ‘YTC 2022’. 

The interviews will take place on Monday the 6th of December.

Volunteer coordinator

Motel Mozaïque Festival (MOMO) brings together the best possible mix of (inter)national pop music, performance and art. With hospitality as a core value. The city of Rotterdam as a stage. Spatial and social issues as a source of inspiration. And sharp, international programming as a driving force. Motel Mozaïque works as a storyteller, booster and informer of new perspectives and encounters. As a guide on voyages of discovery. As a stimulator for a hospitable city.

For the organization of Motel Mozaïque Festival on 21, 22 and 23 April, 2022 and upcoming editions, the festival is looking for a volunteer coordinator. This is a position of approximately 8 hours per week at the start, increasing to 16 hours per week in April.

Job description and activities

As a volunteer coordinator you are responsible for recruiting, informing, scheduling and managing the approximately 120 volunteers of Motel Mozaique. The volunteers are responsible for, among other things, running the bar, selling the merchandise, manning the information desk, being part of the service team, helping with ticketing or as a runner at the various locations. No festival without volunteers! The volunteer coordinator ensures that all volunteers are scheduled and informed. In addition, you are the first point of contact for the volunteers and, not unimportantly, you ensure that everyone has a good time.

Activities involved in this include:

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate who:

What does Motel Mozaique have to offer:


Interested? Mail your motivation letter and CV as soon as possible, but no later than Monday 1 December, 2021 to Margriet Colenbrander (margriet@motelmozaique.nl). Monday 6 December, 2021 is scheduled for interviews. Do you have questions? Mail it to the same address or contact us on +316 29 16 12 47