Motel Mozaique ’13


AlunaGeorge, Brasstronaut, broeder Dieleman, De Tweede Speeldoos, The Veils, Laura Mvula, Jaga Jazzist & Sinfonia Rotterdam, Jose James, Daughter, SX, Goose, Wild Bell, inc., Jacco Gardner, Jah Wobble & The Modern Jazz Ensemble, John Grant, Lapalux, Marble Sounds, Matthew E. White, Mister & Mississippi, Nick Mulvey, Night Beds, Night Works, Orlando, Palmbomen, Paul Thomas Saunders, Public Service Broadcasting, Retro Stefson, Rocketnumbernine, S O H N, Sinkane, Stornoway, Tangarine, TEEN, The Growlers, The Milk Carton Kids, The Strypes, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Wild Belle, Young Dreams, Woodkid & Orchestra (cancelled), Bryony Kimmings, Rory de Groot, Akwasi O. Ansah, Quintis Ristie, Frappante Klant, Stageability, Gyz la Riviere, Telesync, Vers Beton and many others.


3voor12 sessions

Faceculture sessions

During Motel Mozaique FaceCulture recorded sessions in de Doelen (behind the screens) with The Veils (Finn Adrews solo), Nick Mulvey, Matthew E. White, Young Dreams and Paul Thomas Saunders ao. Watch all sessions here.

In the press

“Like its British cousins The Great Escape and Camden Crawl, Rotterdam’s Motel Mozaique primarily operates as a new bands showcase; a chance to put your tipping hat on and traipse the city for the next Animal Collective or Mumford & Sons (both of whom have dished up early-career sets at the festival in past years).”

“Though there are less names that you feel could break through to Glasto-headlining glory this year (Irish wunderkinds The Strypes are the only act across the weekend that prove so buzzy we can’t get in), there are still plenty of smaller-scale treats to be found among the city’s bizarrely eclectic architecture and tendency to store their fast food in lockable vending machines.”

“Oh, and special mention goes to hostel-cum-cult the ‘Sleep Project’, during which I got woken up on one day by a bald man washing my face, and on another by two people stroking my arms – #SOS.” – The Fly Magazine

“A trip to Rotterdam’s Motel Mozaïque festival harboured a selection of audio treats, communal sleeping and a giant statue of Santa Claus “wielding a 10ft butt plug””

“.. on our way to The Sleeping Project in the early hours of Saturday morning. An instated part of Motel Mozaïque ever since its conception over a decade ago, the project embraces its ‘stay over for the weekend’ motto quite literally, having previously created sleeping places in churches, hospitals and even shop windows. This year, the project acquired a floor of de Doelen concert hall, and as Sleeping Project virgins, much of our day had been spent speculating as the nature of what was to come: shabby-chic refugee camp? Kumbaya-humming hippy commune? Sweaty youth hostel? Bacchanalian orgy?

In actual fact it turned out to be none of the above, or at the very least a failed attempt at the latter. After we had ‘surrendered’ our shoes, clothes and belongings to the all-white, hooded nymph-esque collective, we were led upstairs to find a ‘special place’ to get ready for bed, which after several awkward “what do they mean” side-eyes, incidentally turns out to be the toilet. Once tightly tucked into our bunk beds we managed to catch a few hours sleep before being terrifyingly risen at 0900 hours by the cold and wet reality of a stranger whipping off our eye masks and enthusiastically patting down our faces with a sponge and brushing our matted hair. Whilst this may initially be a little disconcerting for the sleep-loving, ever-prudish Brit, once you know what’s coming it’s actually a little less startling. On Sunday morning we embrace it heartily, only to draw the line at toothbrushing.” – The Quietus

Rotterdam, glorious port city and former gateway to the New World, recently hosted a festival that promised to teach you a thing or two about ‘THE DUTCH MINDSET,’ and how those kooky liberals with their futurist architecture, jumbo doobies and hoverboards (probably) have managed to put on an event that goes beyond the music; using bands on stage as an entry point for everything else great the city has to offer, including harbour tours, hard-hatted gigs on construction sites and the totally bonkers ‘sleeping project,’ which eschews festival camping in favour of an unusual one-off location for a festival-goers for a couple of nights. Sleeping what? In the past being invited to bed down in converted trucks of disused tunnels, this year people did relatively well to be allowed to sleep in the foyer of the De Doelen hall – Rotterdam’s equivalent to London’s Royal Festival Hall. They were woken by staff dressed in white robes who brushed their teeth and combed their hair for them whilst they were still in bed, but didn’t go so far as to aid them in toilet procurement or supply a happy ending. – NME