Day 2 – MOMO Festival 2023

MOMO Festival 2023 is on a roll and we are ready for a second day full of new discoveries.  

Today we are kicking off MOMO Playground: our free open air program along the Westersingel will host concerts, talks, the Guided Tours and tonight at 20:15 our iftar dinner will begin, with a plant based Syrian menu prepared by the cooks of the Wijkpaleis.

The afternoon continues with first events of our “Unified” Program, with the tour Re-Mixed and the documentary Doubleblooded, about the duality of life for people whose parents come from different cultures.

Following up to their Friends Improv Battle, the residency of Black Country, New Road continues with a show in the Grote Zaal of Theater Rotterdam, today at h 19:00. After that Dutch singer-songwriter Naaz will take over the stage and then the British post-punk band Yard Act!
At the same time music acts will perform throughout the evening in all our venues: today also V11 and Perron will be open!

After the premiere of Maggot Brain II, Mathieu Charles will perform his new piece again in the Krijn Boom Studio of Theater Rotterdam today, while Anne-Fay will take her Reaspora in the Kleine Zaal.

Friday at MOMO continues until late night with Slice It Up and Blush Soundsystem at WORM and an after party at Perron by AMPFEMININE. The collective will host two of their founding members, Bella Hall and DEBORAH X, a blend of house, garage, dancehall, and DnB by Lady Shaka and one of the most exciting DJs from Nyege Nyege, Kampire: her vibrant bass-heavy sets have transported her to bring the best of Ugandan party culture to clubs & festivals across the world. 

Unfortunately DEBBIE and HEARTWORMS will not be able to perform at MOMO Festival this weekend. Two new artists were added to our line-up:

Friday 14 April, 20:30 – 21:15

Latanya Alberto
Saturday 15 April, 19:30 – 20:30

Check out the latest timetable for all the updates!

Last tickets for Friday are available at the ticket desk, also for the MOMO Night at Perron!

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