Day 1 – MOMO Festival 2023

MOMO is here! Tonight we can finally welcome you to our festival.

The ticket desk at Westersingel opens at h17 and our program starts at h19 at Rotown, Theater Rotterdam and WORM UBIK.

Theater Rotterdam will host the premieres of Nom.Nos, by Amenti Theater Company, and Maggot Brain II by Mathieu Charles. In-between shows modular collective R3LN4CHT will be ready to surprise you.

Our music program has artists for every taste: from Baba Ali’s electro punk disco to the metal of Terzij de Horde, passing through the vocal experimentations of Tony Njoku and Murky Ghost.

Alamo Race Track willl perform their cult record Black Cat John Brown in the Grote Zaal of Theater Rotterdam and after them the super group Nusantara Beat will close the night with their tropical and mystical sounds.

Last but not least, Black Country, New Road will host their “Friends Improv Battle” together with an ensemble of local artists! Here the complete list:

Arie van Vliet – Viola
Alison Jutta – Vocals
Djurre van Dijck – Vocals
Doortje Hiddema – Keyboards
Emre Karayalçin – Drums
Marijn van de Ven – Double Bass
Merel van Hoek – Guitar
Mink Steekelenburg – Keyboards
Mitchell Quitz – Guitar
Peter Somuah – Trumpet
Rob van Gameren – Vocals
Robin Kester – Vocals

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