Every year Motel Mozaïque organizes several activities:

Motel Mozaïque

the 4-day music, art & performance festival, from Thursday 4 April
till Sunday 7 April 2013 on different locations in the city-centre of
Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Bazar Curieux

1-day festival, often called ‘Motel Mozaïque’s younger sister or brother’
by the press. Showcases more controversial, strange, experimental acts than the Motel Mozaïque festival.

Club Mozaïque

a series of small and irregular programs at various locations in the
Netherlands or abroad (several times a year).


since 2012 Motel Mozaïque also organizes popconcerts in Rotterdam,
like Kytecrash, Tindersticks, Blaudzun, The Kyteman Orchestra,
Tori Amos, dEUS and Spinvis
last year.